Announcing: Free Open Source MSP430 UART Driver

I’ve received a lot of questions and requests for information and help on the MSP430 UART, so I decided to make available an driver for it. It’s simple but has plenty of flexibility.
Even more important, it abstracts a lot of the register controls to a level that most users should be comfortable using.

You can find the Driver and MSP430F5438 sample code for CCS here:

Download MSP430 UART Driver with F5438 Example

The code is heavily commented. More than just a useful driver, I intended it to be easy to use and a guide on using the UART module. My code uses plenty of tricks and pointers to make it flexible (and I might have overdone some of it), but I expect in the near future to complete support for the USART module (USCI is what the MSP430F5438 and similar devices have). Some basic support is there but USART isn’t tested.

UART Driver Organization


You can import the CCS project compile and run it on an F5438 Experimenter board.  Using it in your own project is simple, just import uart.h and uart.c and make sure to call the right functions.

Ultimately I have the following goals:
1) Support for most MSP430 devices and UART modules
2) Basic framing including CRC generation and checking
3) Example code for a variety of hardware platforms and variety of use cases

If you use it, feel free to let me know.

8 thoughts on “Announcing: Free Open Source MSP430 UART Driver

  1. Trying to use your code in my application. Trying to communicate on USCI_A0_ISR running 8/N/1 at 115200. I am sending an AT\r command to a modem and am expecting back crLfOKcrLf but I get nothing when I send the AT command? Am using port 3 and pins 4/5 for tx and rx but nothing is coming back when I transmit the command? Am I missing something?

    1. Cancel my previous statement. The issue was tracked to a hardware problem. The code is working flawlessly. Thank you for following up with me.

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